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A Science Fiction Thriller / Parody story

The story addresses how our modern society confronts the implications of disruptive technology while covering the hard science of glaciers melting at the end of an Ice Age.  

Jake Peregrin has it all: Intelligence, drive, youth, wealthy parents, and a lovely girlfriend. But things aren’t going as expected.  His simulations of advanced physics theory are returning unexpected results. When those experiments include himself. Jake finds himself alone and naked in a primeval forest with only his wits to survive.  He discovers, and is accepted by a primitive civilization that is learning to cope with ocean levels rising at alarming rates from thawing glaciers. Eventually he returns to modern day time to find everything normal, only he had changed.  His family is scattered across the country, and band together to help him confront the implications of the technology he has discovered.​


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For a limited time, TimeArc Parts I and II are available for download for free. If you liked the story, please purchase Part III to see how it ends, as well as Parts I & II.

By Frank Paine

The complete novel (Parts I, II, & III) now available

A Cautionary Tale of 
Disruptive Technology
A Compelling Tale of Glacial Warming