TimeArc; a climatic tale of glacial warming, a cautionary tale of disruptive technology, is about the modern age suppression of disruptive technology and how its discovery impacts an overachieving family.  He finds himself transported to a time when glaciers are thawing and learning their devastating effects.  Upon returning to modern time, he had aged ten years, but to others; overnight!  His high-tech family is scattered across the country and band together to help him confront the disruptive technology he unleashed.

Jake's Grandfather, Professor Mark Savior, is also the university's Ph.D. facility advisor and can't imagine how bugs in Jake's software model could have created such an incident.  Jake's parents are separated. Rich is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist with political ambitions and supports his son without question.   Madelyn is a high-tech software executive.  Jake's girlfriend, Lleslie wasn't expecting to meet his family under such circumstances.  And Jake's teenage step-sister Tabitha had other plans to start her week!

David Doucette (aka, Franklin Lee Paine, or Frank Paine) is technical professional with a career at the cutting edge of computer technology as a product manager & engineer for digital infrastructure products & solutions, and decided not to use his writing alias after being elected to the local city council. He has successfully delivered products and solutions for businesses and consumers. He brings a passion for the benefits of advancing technology that enrich, assist, or entertain customers, while making a profit for the business. Time Arc is his second self-published book.

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